TABLE OF CONTENTS is a one-stop resource for easy registration, activation, and management of your SonicWALL products and services. Your FREE account provides an single profile to:

Note! account information is not sold or shared with any other company.

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Once you create a account, you can manage all your SonicWALL products and security services using a Web browser. You can also register and activate security service licenses directly from the SonicWALL management interface. Any change made at your account updates the Security Services Summary tables on the System>Licenses and Security Services>Summary pages in SonicWALL management interface the next time the SonicWALL automatically synchronizes with your account (once a day) or you click the Synchronize button on the Security Services>Summary page. Registration/Licensing Services from the SonicWALL Management Interface

You can access licensing and registration services directly from the SonicWALL management interface (SonicOS 1.0 or higher). Upon registration, the SonicWALL gets a unique set of encryption/authentication keys that are used to authenticate the SonicWALL to the License Manager for automatic licensing and registration updates. You can activate a Security Service directly from the SonicWALL with an Activation Key. Login

The Login page in the SonicWALL Management Interface provides access to your account from the SonicWALL. You can access the Login page from links in the System>Licenses and Security Services>Summary pages within the management interface.

To access your account from the Login page, type your account username and password in the Username and Password fields, then click Submit. The Manage Services Online page from your account. You can click on the Upgrade, Renew, or Activate links in the Manage Service column of the Manage Services Online page.

Creating a Account

To create a account from within the SonicWALL management interface, you complete an online account form.

  1. In the Login page, click the here link in If you do not have a mySonicWALL account, please click here to create one. The mySonicWALL Account form is displayed.

  2. Type in your information in the Account Information, Personal Information, and Preferences fields. All fields marked with an * are required fields.

Alert! You must remember your username and password to access your account.

  1. Click Submit after completing the mySonicWALL account form.

  2. Review your account information. If the information is correct click OK. You will receive a Subscription Code by e-mail from SonicWALL. This subscription code is required to activate your new account.

Alert! Your new account must be activated with the Subscription Code with 72 house of creating the account.

  1. In the Login page, type your username and password in the User Name and Password fields, and click Submit. You are prompted to enter the Subscription Code.

  2. Type your Subscription Code and click Submit.

  3. Your account is activated.

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