E-Mail Filter>Configure

E-Mail Attachment Filtering

The E-mail Attachment Filtering section configures the file extensions that are filtered by the SonicWALL.

E-Mail Attachment Filtering Options

In this section, the administrator chooses the action that the SonicWALL performs when filtering E-mail attachments. The attached file can either be deleted or it can be disabled by altering the file extension. In either case, the original E-mail text is still sent to the intended recipient.

Warning Message Text

This is a warning message that can be customized and added to E-mails filtered by the E-mail Filtering Service. You can use the default message text or type in your own warning message in the Warning Message Text field up to 256 alphanumeric characters.

When you have configured the E-mail Filter settings, click Update. Once the SonicWALL has been updated, a message confirming the update is displayed at the bottom of the browser window.

E-Mail Blocking

Select Block SMTP E-Mail Fragments (Content-Type: message\partial) to enable blocking of partial e-mail messages. E-mail fragments are e-mail messages with the MIME Content-Type: message/partial in the header. Partial e-mails can be a security threat by allowing viruses to escape undetected by virus scanners because they are fragmented. The virus becomes fully functional once reassembled on the client.

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