Content Filter Type

There are three Content Filter Lists available in the Content Filter Type menu for use with your SonicWALL:

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Apply filter and Restrict Web Features On

You can choose to enforce content filtering and Restrict Web Features on the LAN, DMZ, or both ports. Select LAN, DMZ, or both ports in Apply filter and Restrict Web Features on. Both LAN and DMZ ports are selected by default.

Restrict Web Features

Restrict Web Features enhances your network security by blocking potentially harmful Web applications from entering your network. Select any of the following applications to block:


Message to display when a site is blocked

Enter your customized text to display to the user when access to a blocked site is attempted. The default message is This site blocked by SonicWALL Content Filter Service. Any message, including embedded HTML, up to 255 characters long, can be entered in this field.

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