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SonicWALL, Inc.

SonicOS Enhanced 3.2

SonicOS Enhanced 3.2 is the most powerful SonicOS operating system designed for the SonicWALL TZ 170 SP Wireless, PRO 1260, PRO 4060, and the PRO 5060, and available as an upgrade for the SonicWALL TZ 170 SP, TZ 170 Wireless, PRO 2040, and PRO 3060 security appliances.

What's New in SonicOS Enhanced 3.2

SonicOS Enhanced 3.2 includes these new features:

What's New in SonicOS Enhanced 3.1

SonicOS Enhanced 3.1 includes these new operating system features:

SonicWALL Management Interface

The SonicWALL security appliance's Web-based management interface provides a easy-to-use graphical interface for configuring your SonicWALL security appliance. The following provides an overview of the key management interface objects.

Navigating the Management Interface

Navigating the SonicWALL management interface includes a hierarchy of menu buttons on the navigation bar (left side of your browser window). When you click a menu button, related management functions are displayed as submenu items in the navigation bar.

To navigate to a submenu page, click the link. When you click a menu button, the first submenu item page is displayed. The first submenu page is automatically displayed when you click the menu button. For example, when you click the Network button, the Network > Settings page is displayed.

Status Bar

The Status bar at the bottom of the management interface window displays the status of actions executed in the SonicWALL management interface.

Applying Changes

Click the Apply button at the top right corner of the SonicWALL management interface to save any configuration changes you made on the page.

If the settings are contained in a secondary window within the management interface, when you click OK, the settings are automatically applied to the SonicWALL security appliance.

Navigating Tables

Navigate tables in the management interface with large number of entries by using the navigation buttons located on the upper right top corner of the table.

The table navigation bar includes buttons for moving through table pages.

Common Icons in the Management Interface

The following describe the functions of common icons used in the SonicWALL management interface:

Clicking on the edit icon displays a window for editing the settings.

Clicking on the delete icon deletes a table entry

Moving the pointer over the comment icon displays text from a Comment field entry.

Getting Help

Each SonicWALL security appliance includes Web-based on-line help available from the management interface.

Clicking the question mark ? button on the top-right corner of every page accesses the
context-sensitive help for the page.

Alert: Accessing the SonicWALL security appliance online help requires an active Internet connection.

Logging Out

The Logout button at the bottom of the menu bar terminates the management interface session and displays the authentication page for logging into the SonicWALL security appliance.
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