Content Filter Type

N2H2 is a third party Internet filtering package that allows you to use Internet content filtering through the SonicWALL.

When you select N2H2 from the Content Filter Type menu, the N2H2 tab is available.

Alert! Customization of Content Filtering is not available if you select N2H2 as your source for your Content Filter List. Refer to your N2H2 documentation for details on configuring N2H2 Internet Filtering for your network.

Apply filter and Restrict Web Features on - specifies the port you want content filtering. You can choose LAN or DMZ or both.

Restrict Web Features

Select any of the following applications to block in the Configure tab


Don’t Block Java/ActiveX/Cookies to Trusted Domains

Select this option if you have trusted domains using Java, ActiveX, and Cookies. To add a trusted domain, enter the domain name into the Add Trusted Domain field. Click Update to add the domain to the list of trusted domains. To delete a domain, select it from the list, and then click Delete.

Trusted Domains

Trusted Domains can be added in the Restrict Web Features section of the Configure tab. If you trust content on specific domains, you can select Don’t block Java/ActiveX/Cookies to Trusted Domains and then add the Trusted Domains to the SonicWALL. Java scripts, ActiveX, and cookies are not blocked from Trusted Domains if the checkbox is selected.

Message to display when a site is blocked

Enter your customized text to display to the user when access to a blocked site is attempted. The default message is Web Site blocked by SonicWALL Filter. Any message, including embedded HTML, up to 255 characters long, can be entered in this field.


N2H2 Server Status

This section displays the status of the N2H2 Internet Filtering Protocol (IFP) server you are using for Internet filtering.


If the N2H2 server becomes unavailable, select from the following two options:

URL Cache

Configure the size of the URL Cache in KB based on your SonicWALL Internet Security Appliance model.

Tip! A larger URL Cache size can increase in noticeable improvements in Internet browsing response times.

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