The Consent tab allows you to enforce content filtering on designated computers and provide optional filtering on other computers. Consent can be configured to require the user to agree to the terms outlined in an Acceptable Use Policy window before Web browsing is allowed.

Web Usage Consent Page

Mandatory Filtered IP Addresses

Consent page URL (Mandatory Filtering)

When a user opens a Web browser on a computer using mandatory content filtering, a consent page is displayed. You must create the Web page that appears when the Web browser is opened. It can contain text from an Acceptable Use Policy, and notification that violations are logged or blocked.

This Web page must reside on a Web server and be accessible as a URL by users on the LAN. This page must also contain a link to a page contained in the SonicWALL that tells the SonicWALL that the user agrees to have filtering enabled. The link must be <>, where the SonicWALL LAN IP Address is used instead of "".

Type the URL of this page in the Consent page URL (Mandatory Filtering) field and click Update. Once the SonicWALL has been updated, a message confirming the update is displayed at the bottom of the Web browser window.

Add New Address

The SonicWALL can be configured to enforce content filtering for certain computers on the LAN. Enter the IP addresses of these computers in the Add New Address field and click Update. Up to 128 IP addresses can be entered.

To remove a computer from the list of computers to be filtered, highlight the IP address in the Mandatory Filtered IP Addresses list and click Delete Address.

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