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Automatic Firmware Updates

The SonicWALL has flash memory and can be easily upgraded with new firmware. Current firmware can be downloaded from SonicWALL, Inc. Web site directly into the SonicWALL.

Alert! Firmware updates are only available to registered users. You can register your SonicWALL online at <>.

To be automatically notified when new firmware is available, select the Notify me when new firmware is available check box. Then click Update. If you enable firmware notification, your SonicWALL sends a status message to SonicWALL, Inc. Firmware Server on a daily basis. The status message includes the following information:

Tip! The SonicWALL Privacy Policy is available at <> for additional information about privacy.

Firmware Update Wizard

When new firmware is available, a message is e-mailed to the address specified in the Log Settings window. In addition, the Status window includes notification of new firmware availability. This notification provides links to firmware release notes and to a Firmware Update Wizard. The Firmware Update Wizard simplifies and automates the upgrade process. Follow the instructions in the Firmware Update Wizard to update the firmware.

Uploading Firmware

You can also upload firmware from the local hard drive. Click Upload Firmware.

Alert! The Web browser used to import settings must support HTTP uploads. Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 and higher as well as Netscape Navigator 4.0 and higher are recommended.

When firmware is uploaded, the SonicWALL settings can be erased. Before uploading new firmware, export and save the SonicWALL settings so that they can be restored later. Once the settings have been saved, click Yes.

Click Browse and select the firmware file from your local hard drive or from the SonicWALL Companion CD. Click Upload, and then restart the SonicWALL.

Alert! When uploading firmware to the SonicWALL, you must not interrupt the Web browser by closing the window, clicking a link, or loading a new page. If the browser is interrupted, it can corrupt the SonicWALL firmware.

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