The Summary page has four sections: Global VPN Settings, VPN Bandwidth Management, VPN Policies, and Currently Active VPN Tunnels.

Global VPN Settings

The Global VPN Settings section displays the following information:

VPN User Authentication Settings

VPN Bandwidth Management

You can allocate bandwidth to all outbound VPN traffic. To enable VPN Bandwidth Management, select Enable VPN Bandwidth Management, and enter the amount of bandwidth in Kbps for VPN guaranteed bandwidth and VPN maximum bandwidth. Select VPN bandwidth priority from the VPN bandwidth priority menu, 0 (highest) to 7 (lowest).

Alert! Bandwidth management is available only on outbound VPN traffic. You cannot configure individual Security Associations to use bandwidth management.

VPN Policies

This section displays all of the VPN configurations in the SonicWALL appliance. If you click the name of the security association, the security association settings are displayed in the Configure page. The GroupVPN security association (SA) is the default VPN policy. You can add additional VPN policies. You can disable the GroupVPN policy but you cannot delete the GroupVPN SA from the VPN Policies table.

Clicking the Notepad icon displays the Configure page to edit the VPN policy.

Clicking the Trashcan icon deletes the VPN policy.

Currently Active VPN Tunnels

A list of currently active VPN tunnels is displayed in this section. The table lists the Name of the SA, the Local LAN IP addresses, the Remote destination network IP addresses, and the peer Gateway IP address.

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